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Present at the ESDR

October 29th, 2022. Luke and the tiger was present at the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) in Amsterdam.
Represented at a stand during the whole conference by Karin Veldman (President Dutch Association for patients with ichthyosis) and Mandy Aldwin (President Ichthyosis Support Group).

Luke is going to Paris

April 2022. Luke and the tiger (and his Dutch and German brothers Joris and Jonas) will be at the Congress on Rare Skin Diseases in Paris from 1-9 June 2022.

Would you like to be sure you can buy a copy in Paris? Please, send a message to Jolien (


Luke and the tiger in Haïti

April 17th, 2022. Luke and the tiger was received by Macron, who has ichthyosis, and Maria Maldonado in Haïti.
Maria wrote on her Facebookpage:
"We finally got to sit down and read this one of a kind book! Took momma a few tries before she could read it without crying…
Jolien & Storybook Luke and the tiger: THANK YOU
Thank you for gifting Macron a copy but most of all . THANK YOU for making kids who suffer from so many different conditions feel SEEN! Especially those who deal with Ichthyosis…
Thank you all that your book represents!
It's certainly a MUST have for ANY kid, it brings so much needed awareness!"
Read more about Macron and Maria on their Facebookpage.

FIRST Ichthyosis Focus

November 2022. Proud to announce that I was on the cover of the First Ichthyosis Focus newsletter to promote Luke and the tiger.

FIRST is the patient association for people with ichthyosis and their families in the USA.


Luke and the tiger

November 2021. Luke and the tiger was handed over to Prof. Dr. Suzanne Pasmans (Professor of Paediatric Dermatology) and Karin Veldman (President of the ichthyosis Patients Association) in Erasmus Medical Center.

Luke and the tiger is travelling all over the world with orders from Australia, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, England, Ireland, United States, Italy, Spain, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

The reactions are great, but they also give me goose bumps. This book makes children with ichthyosis recognise themselves in a children's book and feel less alone with their condition. But children without ichthyosis find it 'just' a beautiful story about a boy, a tiger and other wild animals. In the meantime, they learn in a playful way about having a special skin.

Under Your Skin

Proud to announce that the book Luke and the tiger was made possible by the Under Your Skin foundation in The Netherlands!

Their mission: "Many children are referred too late to the care that is needed. This leads to unnecessary suffering and complications. In addition, many children face social and emotional problems. This can and must change! Under Your Skin was founded to improve this situation."

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Newsletter Ichthyosis Support Group

September 9, 2021. The Ichthyosis Support Group, based in the UK included an article about Luke and the tiger in their summer newsletter. People living in the UK can pre-order the book through their website. This will save them shipping costs. Click here for their website. 

FIRST: Member story

Jolien shared her story about her son with X-Linked ichthyosis with FIRST. FIRST is the patient association for people with ichthyosis and their family members in the US.

Interested to read her story? Click here.

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Dutch national television

June 5, 2021 - A Dutch national television programme came to interview Jolien and her sons at the school of the boys. Jolien read a couple of pages from the book and various children were interviewed about the story. 

In the newspaper

May 22, 2021 - There was a full-page article in the newspaper about Luke and the tiger and the author Jolien van der Geugten.

Jolien: 'A story about a rare skindisease can be positive and powerfull as well'.

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Book review

May 20, 2021 - 'Wendy is Blogging' wrote a review of Luke and the tiger and shared it via Facebook, Instagram and her website.

"The kids and I have all read the book. It is nice to see how it is explained to children in such a clear way. This book is therefore very suitable for children who do not have a skin disease to learn what it is all about. The amazing drawings were made by Nynke Boelens." (Facebook, Wendyblogt)

After-school care

May 6, 2021 - This week Luke and the tiger was read for the first time at after-school care in Utrecht! Of course with cheerful coloring pages.

Menno (pedagogical staff) "Nowadays we know so much more than in the past and it is therefore even more important that young children also learn that sometimes things are different, but not strange at all. A book that I will enjoy reading to children at the after-school care 'Ludens' in the coming years. Because everyone is different and we are all different. And that's a good thing."


Book presentation

April 30, 2021 - The first copy of the Dutch version of the book was presented to Suzanne Pasmans, MD PhD, dermatologist/immunologist, professor in pediatric dermatology in Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Professor Pasmans is a member of the medical board of the Dutch patient association for ichthyosis.

Jean-Philippe Fiévez donated on behalf of the Under Your Skin Foundation 50 books to the Erasmus Medical Center for children with ichthyosis.

Picture: Jean-Philippe Fiévez (Under Your Skin Foundation), Jolien van der Geugten and prof. dr. Suzanne Pasmans.

In the newspaper

April 24, 2021 - 'Children's book asks attentions for skindisease', was written in AD - Amersfoortse Courant a newspaper in The Netherlands. In the "Books and People" section there is an explanation of the story of and the background about the book.

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